Our courses offer an optimal mix of online and offline delivery. All learners begin their journey by registering on our learning management system, thereafter an online coordinator counselling session is held for them (and if necessary a face to face in case of classroom based workshop) counselling session is provided, during the counseling session we walk with the students future tour plan, depending on the level, divided into short-term and long-term objectives. This is followed up with gap analysis which identifies the learning skills and experience gap the learners have.
Our learning philosophy is of experiential hands-on learning. To enable effective online learning, based on the philosophy of experiential skill development, we have created a bespoke virtual infrastructure. Learning environment can be accessed online. Students are offered customised and personalized learning desktops, this environment is robust enough to scale according to the needs of the student. The learners are given certain free credits online practice hours which they can access with any good internet connection, as we believe there is no fix formula to the amount of hands on training needed to gain skills and also to support students who are interested in going above and beyond students you can purchase further online learning credits.
The course material is delivered through live webinars, recorded lectures or automation guided learning. We have an extensive community of volunteers and counselors available on a forum to answer queries of students, they can also book prior appointment with our expert trainers to clarify their doubts for guidance in general.

We believe in providing a platform of wholesome training that follows the present state of the art processes and practices from the industry. Our virtual infrastructure is primarily designed to support state of the art artificial intelligence applications. The same infrastructure is also provided to learners with varied degrees of capabilities depending on their course they are enrolled. Learners with appropriate skills and experience can continue on the same platform to develop and deliver professional services and products,this is in tune with our vision of creating industry ready professionals.

Our courses offered are categorized into :