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Future Engineer’s Training

   Future Engineers’ Training aims to make engineers able to learn and apply  the singularity technologies like AI, IoT, Maker space, etc to their core domain. We aim to supplement their  domain specific knowledge and expertise with the futuristic and Innovative approaches.

Our target audience are students  and professionals from all the engineering streams ( Computer Science and IT,  mechanical, electrical , Instrumentation etc..) including bio engineering streams.

The course aspirants will be given a hands on experience with industry level exposure by a chance to work in live projects.

Value Propositions :

– Gap Analysis and career counselling 

– Customised Courses

– Emphasis on Innovative approaches

– Internship

– Live projects of industry level exposure

– Encouragement and support for technical competetions/hackathon( for suitable candidates)

– Certificate with Valid CV attestation 

– Placement assessment

– Support for patent, publications and recognition for


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