Refunds policy

  1. Application fees are not refundable under any condition or circumstances whatsoever.
  2. Admission fees, including fees for admission test or interview, are not refundable under any condition or circumstances whatsoever.
  3. Program fees are refunded after deduction of administrative fees and cancellation charges, on the receipt of a formal cancellation request, as below.
    1. Cancellation up to 45 days prior to the last working day before the commencement of the programme – Deduction of 25 percent of fees paid
    2. Cancellation up to 21 days prior to the last working day before the commencement of the programme – Deduction of 50 percent of fees paid
    3. Cancellation between 14 and 7 days prior to the last working day before the commencement of the programme – Deduction of 75 percent of the fees paid
    4. Cancellation till the last working day prior to the start of the program – Deduction of 90 percent of the fees paid.
    5. 100 percent of the fees paid shall be deducted in case of no show, or cancellation on or after the day of start of the program.
  4. In case of discontinuation of a program by AyeAI, owing to any factors beyond our control, our liability is limited to refund of the prorated amount for the remainder of the program, with no claims to payment of any benefits or interest.
  5. There shall be no refund for monies withheld by financial institutions or payment channels, for any reason whatsoever, and not credited to the accounts of the company. Customers, clients and students are advised to reach out to the payment channel, in case the monies paid by them are not credited into the accounts of the company. We can only offer limited help in such cases limited to verifying receipt of monies by our bank, within a reasonable amount time, not less than 2 (two) weeks from the receipt of such request.
  6. All refunds are subject to administrative and incidental charges over and above the standard deductions, and deductions as mandated by laws and government regulations.
  7. We will comply with government authorities in all matters of refunds or fees paid, and refunds shall only be made to the same channels from which the original payment was received, to the extent possible. In cases where such refund is not possible on the same channel used for payments, all refunds shall be processed only after due verification of KYC, for which we may work with various financial institutions, at costs chargeable to the account receiving the refunds. Such refunds may take a very long time, and the factors will be beyond our control, and hence no interest or any benefits shall apply in such cases whatsoever. These measures are important to prevent fraud. Therefore, all stakeholders are advised to observe due diligence in making payments.
  8. We cannot process refunds held in our suspense account, unless due confirmation of the transaction details are certified by financial institution initiating the original payment, including due KYC of the payee.
  9. KYC relates to KYC guidelines from RBI, and other central and state regulatory agencies of Telangana, and applicable to businesses operating under the jurisdiction of the Hon’ble courts of Hyderabad, Telangana, India only.
  10. The minimum applicable administrative charges for the process of refunds are INR 200/-, and we are unable to process a refund below a refundable sum amounting to a total of INR 100/- or below, after deduction of applicable charges, including and not restricted to bank charges for transfer. There shall be no carry forward of credits to future offerings in any case whatsoever.
  11. In case of any dispute of any nature whatsoever, the maximum liability of AyeAI is restricted to the refund of INR 100/- (one hundred rupees only), and, further limited to actual fees paid and realised into the accounts of the company if the fees paid is less than INR 100/-.
  12. There can be no claims of damages or refunds unless a payment has been made to AyeAI, and in accordance with the policies of AyeAI applicable, hence there can be no refund or damages claimed for our free offerings, and there are no warranties of any nature, including and not limited to free offerings bundled together with our paid or commercial offerings.
  13. There shall be no refunds of any nature whatsoever in case of promotional offerings, offered gratis or at discounted rates. In case of cancellation of promotional offerings by the student a charge may be payable to AyeAI since it may affect our delivery to offer courses effectively since we select participants based on complimentary skills (though never based on demographic factors), and the learning experience of other participants in that course may be affected. AyeAI reserves the right to claim such damages in such cases and recover the said amount from credit held with the company, if any, and may invoke disciplinary action not limited to termination of enrollment, and process claims and damages.
  14. All disputes are subject to the Hon’ble courts in Hyderabad, Telangana, India only.

Note: As of now, we do not support postponement of the programs to a later date. Customers, clients and students are advised to apply reasonable diligence and promptness, in case they are seeking refund.