1. Our courses offer an optimal mix of online and offline delivery. All learners begin their journey by registration, followed by counselling session  (online or face to face)  during which we walk with the students future tour plan, depending on the  analysis we divide the objectives into  short-term and long-term.
  2. After the counselling we do gap analysis which identifies the skills and experience gap the learners have.
  3. We believe in experiential hands-on learning and to enable this online learning, we provide an innovative bespoke virtual infrastructure by which  learning environment can be accessed online. Students are offered customized and personalized learning virtual desktops, this environment can be scaled according to the needs of the student.
  4. The learners are given certain free credits for online practice hours, as we believe there is no fix formula to the amount of hands on training needed to gain skills and also to support students who are interested in going above and beyond students you can purchase further online learning credits. The free practice hours are provided as a goodwill gesture and cannot be claimed as a matter of right. We reserve the right to withdraw access to such practice credits, for any reasons beyond our control, without any notice whatsoever.
  5. We strive to provide an optimal online or offline learning, practice and evaluation experience, however, we cannot control the services opted in from partners, including and not limited to cloud services providers for online services, and shall not be responsible for the quality or user experience for such services.
  6. The course material may be delivered through  live webinars, recorded lectures or automation guided learning, and other methods as optimal for the course.  We have a community of volunteers and counsellors available online to answer queries of students, however, we cannot control the quality of support provided by members of the community who are not direct employees of AyeAI.
  7. We shall strive to offer resolutions to students queries, when emailed to us, in reasonable amount of time, however, such queries may not be responded to if outside the scope of the programme, or if it has already been answered in online forums, including and not restricted to forums published by AyeAI and other providers.
  8. Appointment can also be booked with our expert trainers to clarify doubts, or guidance in general, as long as within the scope of the programme, and subject to availability of mutually suitable slots during the working hours of AyeAI as per India Standard Time, notwithstanding the fact that such appointments are not part of the programmes offered, unless explicitly mentioned in the offer letter, and such services shall be chargeable above and beyond the standard course and programme fees. Appointments may be cancelled owing to factors beyond our control and no liability shall hold against us in such cases, beyond the limited liability of refund of fees, if any paid pertaining to the specific appointment, and after deduction of administrative charges and costs.
  9. We believe in providing a platform of wholesome training that follows the present state of the art processes and practices from the industry, however, the complex nature of science and technology implies that our knowledge and skills may not be up to date in some areas that are fast changing, and in such cases the students or other stakeholders are expected to bring such discrepancies to our notice, notwithstanding the fact that there is no scope for the reevaluation of any of our tests and there shall be no refunds, for any reason whatsoever after a course, a learning experience or project, or an evaluation has been undertaken by the students or other stakeholders.
  10. Our virtual infrastructure is primarily designed to support state of the art artificial intelligence applications to the best of our capabilities and resources. The same infrastructure is also provided to learners with varying degrees of capabilities depending on the course. Learners with appropriate skills and experience can continue on the same platform to develop and deliver professional services and products, this is accordance with our vision of creating industry ready professionals, however, such access will be charged as per the standing rates at the time of access, updated by AyeAI without notice, and there shall be no claim of historical rates, or claims for refunds in case of reduction of fees, or increase of credit time, notwithstanding the fact that such credit may have been purchased at rates different from the current rates.

Note: This document must be read together with our Terms and conditions document, and Refunds Policy available on this website as at the time of the transaction.