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AL-10.8.2 Introduction to Chemical Bonding

10 weeks
All levels
5 lessons
1 quiz
4 students

Note : This is a test course, No Warranty. No Liability 

This course contains a brief introduction to Chemical Bonding, Classification of Chemical Bonds , Covalent and Ionic Bond. The course is targeted for Grade 7-8 children and the content in the lessons is made simpler and briefer for this purpose. Students are advised to take this course under parents supervision.

Disclaimer : These are for academic and research purposes only.Not to be used in life threatening , critical or any other purposes.
No warranties are made to the correctness of the information presented. User discretion is requested in the usage of the information contained herein (or provided during presentation over any medium). The information presented should not be used for any critical or life saving purposes. No claims are made to the fitness for any purpose, not even the implied purpose of merchantability.

No claims are made to the currency or accuracy of the information presented herein. The audience is advised to refer to standard sources for more current and accurate information.
The authors are not responsible for damages or losses incurred directly or indirectly as a consequence of accessing, applying or otherwise using the provided information. The provided information is shared only for scientific proliferation and towards generating productive dialogue in industry and academia.

The audience are advised not to use the information provided in medical practice or other critical scenarios without appropriate certification or license, and must be used only if approved by and under the active supervision of a registered medical practitioner.
The dissemination of this information does not constitute medical advice and may not be used as such.
This document does not form a product offering or contract of any sort.
Disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Hyderabad, Telangana, India only.


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