AyeVH is a managed Open Source deployment of digital healthcare infrastructure for the last mile telehealth workers (AyeATROS), architected to be scalable to provide accessible healthcare to a large population base through telemedicine modalities available under AyeAM. AyeVH components are as defined below:

AyeATROS Network : An open knowledge and practice digital community with support for AyeATROS ((Augmented-reality Telehealth Remote Operations Supervisor) and other healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other paramedics with specialized training in advanced digital health service delivery)

Dr AdvAITA : Advanced Al for Treatment and Analysis Integrated Clinical Decision Support system (CDSS) with optimised Al into the AyeVH EMR

Project Sushruta : AyeVDI based digital health laaS support services

Project CHARING : Interoperability platform for AyeVH based on VKC-UD Also integrates legal, regulatory, insurance, billing, lab(LIMS), pharma delivery and other ancillary services.

Project RISHTA : Rural Information Service for Healthcare Technology Availability is the AyeVH integrated EHR and managed offline deployment services.

Project OSWALD : This project includes all the possible open sources information for pharma right from molecular structure to drug usage instructions and ADR’s.It also co-ordniates online pharmacies

Disclaimer:  Above projects are  research only system right now and further investment driven trials are needed prior to deployment