You are currently viewing AyeAI in Revv Up, an accelerator by Government of Telangana

AyeAI in Revv Up, an accelerator by Government of Telangana

We at AyeAI are humbled at being selected for Revv Up, an accelerator program by the Government of Telangana. (

Thank you Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM), Government of Telangana, NASSCOM for this wonderful opportunity.

This encouragement and motivation strengthens our resolve to strive towards equitable access to knowledge and technology.

As a Cognitive Edutech and R&D organisation, our research on core Artificial General Intelligence technologies like neural accelerators, robotics, blockchain and quantum computing supports rural digitalization and cognitization projects under the Project VIKRAM ( ), an initiative towards inclusive AI with innovations in healthcare and education for the next billion users, where our students, interns and researchers contribute their capstone project time gaining hands on industry grade skills in real world deliverables.

AyeAI targets sustainable singularity through language and tech accessibility. From processor design to firmware, operating systems and webapp stack are being implemented in languages from around the world using हिंदवी (Hindawi Programming System) Programming System(,

AyeAI’s flagship product AyeAM Autonomous Ambulance received IET, UK Innovation Award 2020 – Highly Commended and we have also been felicitated with IEEE India Council Technology Startup of the year 2020 .

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