You are currently viewing AyeAI at E&T Innovation Awards 2020 as global finalist

AyeAI at E&T Innovation Awards 2020 as global finalist

We are Delighted to announce AyeAI is among the top 6 global finalist at E&T innovation awards 2020 (conducted by esteemed IET London, UK) for our Innovation : “AyeAM Autonomous Ambulance (AyeAI ∴ AyeAM )” in Global Challenge category.

Autonomous Ambulance(AyeAM) is an innovation which can help deliver medical services during pandemics, natural calamities and other catastrophes where human intervention could be detrimental.

It is an integrated ambulatory platform on an autonomous vehicle base with bespoke Singularity Technology solutions for optimal delivery of digital health to remote locations and inaccessible areas even during calamities, such as natural disasters or during epidemic outbreaks.

Innovation Awards Ceremony, will take place in London on 19 November 2020, and where the winner in each category will be announced. The prestigious ceremony will be hosted by science presenters Maddie Moate and Greg Foot virtually.

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