AyeAI autonomous ambulance is self contained and equipped with our medical telepresence robot (Dr Rho) and AyeAI’s Innovative Telemedicine Modalites that allow the remote medical consultant to treat patients just like they care for patients in their clinic, including support for emergency and critical care. This project aids in reaching medical services to inaccessible and unapproachable locations including epidemic areas wheres human intervention could be detrimental. The project involves the use of various singularity technologies along with various telemedicine modalities.

The platform of AyeAutonomous ambulance is built on our bespoke Autonomous vehicle platform (for AyeAM)using AI models running on TensorFlow and Caffe, among other frameworks. The included telepresence medical robot also uses TensorFlow  based AI control system.To ensure community participation we have localized the development of the AI models (ML and DL along with Genetic Algorithms) for speech, vision and analytics so that non English literate population can be targeted.

The back end at the hospital, where the ambulance is controlled from and where the remote physicians sit, is provided with an immersive “experience” room. The augmented reality, or blended reality as per our patent application, gives the in-clinic treatment experience to doctors.

The back end is built on open source electronic health record platforms, multiple options such as OpenEMR and VistA from OSHERA, and includes a DICOM integration for remote image analysis. It has a modular design with HL7 FHIR interface to enable inorganic integration and deployment. The highlight of this system is our innovative Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) that is available to hospitals even during their regular workflow.

Disclaimer: System is a research only system right now and further investment driven trials are needed prior to deployment