Our AI projects for agriculture concentrate mainly on variables concerned with Crop Health and Life Cycle. We are also developing agricultural robots that enable the agriculturist to produce better crop with optimal effort. Our Agricultural robots work in a very harsh environment and are abled to solve multifaceted engineering challenges. Adaptability to the widest variety of geological features, environmental extremities marks few of the salient objectives for our projects.

Some important features that our projects target :

  • Automatic field calibration of sensors.
  • Automatic system identification for or robotic actuation including locomotion and manipulation.
  • Field level navigation.
  • Battery and Power Systems optimisation for field uses.
  • Environmental conditions and optimization operations.
  • Manual,semi automatic and automatic operation modes.
  • Adaptable manipulators for different crop types ranging from grain crops to fruits and cash crops.
  • Ability to handle different types of trees and plants encountered in agriculture.

Our agricultural robots are  designed to supplement and enhance the value of human effort but not to replace the human labor.

Disclaimer: System is a research only system right now and further investment driven trials are needed prior to deployment.