Singularity 4 All

The vision of AyeAI is to make the state of the art Singularity Technologies accessible to all. Singularity technologies include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Maker space, etc. 

The term “Technological Singularity” derives from the concept of man made technology achieving the capabilities of human level intelligence. In mathematics, singularity is a point where a function is not analytic, or it has a discontinuity. In simple terms it may be interpreted as a function’s output (or range) reaching infinity. Therefore, the term is not just restricted to computers, robotics, and other technologies but can also extend to other disciplines such as medicine .

At AyeAI, we strive to develop the best core AI technologies. Our offerings include optimized AI libraries, frameworks, models, datasets, as well as product development tools for design, prototyping (3D printing), and automation with connected embedded systems. We provide intellectual property (IP) licence to our innovative patents, as well as turn key and bespoke research along with project consultations.

We also offer learning and development courses around all our offerings and general courses in the domains of our expertise as corporate training. Most of our courses are available online, or through our network of delivery partners in classroom and hybrid (online-offline mix) formats. We are happy to customize courses for educational institutes.

To demonstrate the capabilities of our offerings, we make our technology available in the form of proof of concept (PoC) projects. In keeping with our ethos of accessibility, these PoC’s are open access social good projects covering the basics of human living –  healthcare, education, livelihood, social justice, mutual peace, energy, environment and agriculture.

Our flagship open access projects in the healthcare domain include a virtual hospital for rural telemedicine and an open source autonomous ambulance. We further strive to make our overall offerings multi-lingual and affordable.

We look forward to collaborating with you as a partner, a consultant, an employee, a customer and a student. For further information please do reach out to us using the contact details given at the bottom of this page.