AyeAI, The Inclusive AI for a sustainable singularity.

We are a research and edtech startup making technology accessible beyond linguistic, digital and cognitive divide.

Our training is based on experiential learning. The courses cover state-of-the-art intelligent systems technology. Students gain industry experience under Project VIKRAM –  an initiative to enable rural economy for the singularity. Project Vikram enables rural women setup Virtual Knowledge Centers (VKC)  and become AyeATROS micro-entrepreneurs. Virtual Knowledge Centers , and through  VKCs they deliver AI driven health education and livelihood solutions for the rural population.The focus is rural women. Under the aegis of Project VIKRAM through AyeAI courses. They, wherein we enable the rural economy for the singularity era by enabling the enabler.


Our training is based on experiential learning. Students get to learn state-of-the-art technology through AyeAI courses. They participate in innovative research under the aegis of Project VIKRAM, wherein we enable the rural economy for the singularity era by enabling the enabler.Enabling a lady enables a family, and enabling families – enables society.Setting up VKCs requires software and device solutions. These form the capstone projects of our students, giving them exposure to live projects with very broad user bases. In turn, this improves the industry readiness of the learners.Overall the AyeAI offerings  address the pain points of employability of technology graduates, and creates avenues of self actualisation for rural women, improves upon the lack of access to healthcare and most importantly helps bridge the linguistic cognitive and the digital divide that are the biggest impediments to inclusive adoption of Singularity technologies.


We don’t create consumers of AI, rather – through our mother tongue based programming languages we enable them to become producers of AI as well, addressing the issues of bias in AI and making it more responsible and sustainable.

Autonomous Ambulance(AyeAM)