Innovations and Improvements


AyeAM :
AyeAM (AyeAI autonomous ambulance) is self contained and equipped with our medical telepresence robot (Dr Rho) and AyeAI’s Innovative Telemedicine Modalities that allow the remote medical consultant to treat patients just like they care for patients in their clinic. This project aids in reaching medical services to inaccessible and unapproachable locations including epidemic areas where human intervention could be detrimental. The project involves the use of various singularity technologies along with various telemedicine modalities.

DR Rho
DrRho is a medical tele-presence robot. It provides a robotic base with human environment maneuverability and a set of robotic manipulators, together with telemedicine modalities of electronic stethoscope, blood pressure, temperature, ECG and pulse-oximetry. It also provides the doctors’ an intuitive vision system, as the robot’s eyes turn as the doctor moves his head. For collaborative examination and surgery, the robot carries a micro projector.

Innovative telemedicine modalities
These modalities enable the physician to use their sensory
and cognitive abilities to participate in remote clinical examination. Some of the included modalities with patent pending HCI (Human Computer Interface) are:

AuscultAid : This internationally awarded AR (Augmented Reality) remote auscultation aid lets the physician auscultate a remote patient together with AyeATROS (Augmented-reality Telehealth Remote Operations Supervisor), the last mile digital health worker. The physician can point to positions on a live image of the patient which are translated into directions for the AyeATROS to position the stethoscope bell in real time or under Al control.

HMSEI : Health Monitoring System for Elders and invalids is a holter IOMT with support for ECG and other vitals, integrated into CHINs (Community Health Information Networks) and with support for ambulatory monitoring during transfers to secondary and tertiary care centers, and ML based auto-reconfigurable alerts

RDK : Remote Diagnostics Kit is an integrated MPM (multi-parameter monitor) for use with integrated EMRs. It includes point of care vitals’ instruments and is used where HMSEI is not cost effective or not required

VKC-UD : VKC (Village Knowledge Center – Universal Device) is an IoT gateway with SCADA style data-concentrator for self identifying integration of medical devices (and other !OT) into the workflow. Standard instrumentation and medical devices 10 buses are supported organically with FHIR interface for data exchange. It also supports RESTful APIs for rapid deployment

Hindawi Programming System :
Hindawi is an open-source, complete non-English based systems programming platform supporting all paradigms of programming languages from assembly language to logic and functional programming, allowing non English literates to take up computer sciences and technology, from primary school education to robotics and supercomputing in their mother tongue, without the need to master English. Hindawi Programming System :

Valid CV
ValidCV™ is a unique open skill validation framework that uses hyperledger / blockchain / GitOps based open skills validation framework promulgated by AyeAI™ for use with AyeLearn™ and AyeVDI™ brand offerings.

AyeVDI is a virtualized desktop Infrastructure as a Service for Scientific and Cognitive Computing (IaaS2C2 -> IaaS2aC2 -> IaSaC) It delivers seamless application, desktop and service virtualization including HPC. We also offer optimal and hardened convergence of VDI and HPC with utmost fluidity in user experience. AyeVDI serves as a platform to virtually train and provide Scientific and Cognitive virtual practice environments to learning aspirants. It comes with customised domain specific desktop containers delivered through AyeUI.



AyeATROS Virtual hospital is an improvement over the current telemedicine and physical hospital system, it is an effort to reach the doctor to the patient, enabling physicians to perform remote general and systemic examinations with ability to see, touch, and intuitively interact with telehealth patients as if they are present in the local clinic Enabling Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Genetic Algorithms etc.)IOMT (Internet of Medical Things) and Robotics (aka Singularity Technologies) in the digital health ecosystem.

Learning and Development Courses :

Our L&D courses are an improvement over the existing training systems in the market, we offer experiential learning with Industry grade internationally recognised social good open source projects.

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