Uniqueness of our solutions

1. Unique and globally recognised innovation
Autonomous ambulance to deliver access to health services wherever the patient is
Innovative interfaces for doctors to give in-clinic experience for remote patients, such as remote positioning stethoscope
Quantum neuromorphics for high end AI super computing

2. Blockchain based non fungible credential (NFT skills economy) design to the students

3. Robust Industry grade skills and experience
All industries under United Nations ISIC framework covered through automation
Automation adapters for reporting format for economic activities from India, and global geographies

4. Absolute automation and virtualisation wherever possible

Application of AI, IoT, Robotics and other singularity technologies
Automated virtualization and resource management
Process automation across all procedural elements of procedural, social, economic and statutorial workflows

5. Mother Tongue based technologies
Automated translation to and from major Indian languages
Support for major global languages
Support for endangered and classical languages

6. Gap Analysis and customised curriculum for the students
AI driven aspiration-achievement gap evaluation
AI driven progress monitoring
AI driven success and derailment factors prediction, with integrated psychometric improvisation

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